Types of site to site VPN protocols

25 March, 2014 (06:55) | Internet | By: Admin

best vpnThe security of your online data and information is of great importance. You may be having some strategic plans that if leaked to your competitors, may lead to a backfire and even losses. That’s why it is of great importance to introduce a technology that will secure your data when your employees are accessing it. VPNs are readily available for your secure communication. This is a technology that will ensure that there is authentication of the remote user by both the remote server and the host server to ensure that you legitimately access the network. In addition, when you are sharing data through the public internet, the public will not access your information since the technology encrypts it.

For the case of intra-networking and extra-networking, Site-to-Site Virtual Private networks are majorly used. In intra-networking, a private network is enhanced where only connected people are able to access it and not people from the general internet. This includes the LAN system. You will normally need to secure access by passing through some security stages such as entering a password. An extranet is always accessed by many people outside the organization in question. In general, it can be used by your customers and other organizations too.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is inbuilt in the majority of the browsers and internet programs at large. You therefore not need to install its software before you can use it. Whenever you are browsing from your server and wants to get to an application server, SSL will create a secure session that will lead you to the application server you want to get to. For security purposes, an account ID and password will always be needed for you to access the secure session. For more advanced security levels, you may be further asked to give some security answers to a security question. Secure Socket Layer is majorly used in online banking as well as ecommerce.